Denver B-cycle Pedals Past Half-Million Rides

By bft Nov 14, 2012 | 10:07AM

Today Denver B-cycle announced that the 500,000th ride was taken on Monday Nov. 12, less than three years after the organization's opening. The 500,000th ride was taken at 1:24 p.m. Monday afternoon by annual member Roxanne Pizano from the station at 1350 Larimer St.


Pizano was taking a quick trip home to take her dog for an afternoon walk when she took Denver B-cycle's 500,000th ride. Pizano said she loves that B-cycling allows her to live car-free.


"I find B-cycle the fastest and most convenient way to commute to and from work," Pizano said. "Since joining B-cycle earlier this year, I have cut my commute time in half." She also enjoys the feeling of knowing she is doing something to positively impact the environment and loves the flexibility B-cycling gives her.


Additionally, Pizano has noticed that since joining B-cycle riding a bike "generally puts me in a good mood" and helps her "show up energized and ready for my day."


It is benefits like these that have led B-cycle members to log these half a million rides in less than three years, leading to approximately 30 million calories burned and 1.5 million pounds of carbon offset in less than three years.


Furthermore, recent survey results show that 35 percent of respondents reported that they use Denver B-cycle to replace trips that otherwise would have been made by car. This has accounted for an estimated 1.5 million vehicular miles avoided and 73,000 gallons of gasoline, resulting in an estimated savings of $250,000 for gasoline and nearly $1.25 million in parking costs.


Thirty-four percent of annual members who responded reported that they used Denver B-cycle to travel to and from other transit stations and 44 percent of all respondents reported that they choose businesses based on their proximity to B-cycle stations. This demonstrates how integral to city transportation B-cycle has become in the few years it has been operating.


Additionally, 56 percent of respondents reported that they ride bicycles more since using Denver B-cycle and 68 percent said that other people had tried Denver B-cycle because of them.


 "We are thrilled that Denver B-cycle members have reached such a huge milestone," said Parry Burnap, Executive Director of Denver Bike Sharing. "These rides are the result of more than 7,000 annual members and nearly 115,000 short-term members embracing Denver's bike sharing system because they are seeing the benefits in their own lives and in their community. It is an exciting time to be a part of the Denver bike community."

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