2011 Season Results

By bft Dec 14, 2011 | 3:13PM


Denver B-cycle Finishes Successful Second Season with 202,000+ B-cycle Rides

The Denver B-cycle system closed for winter hibernation on December 9th, with 42 riders returning B-cycles to Denver Bike Sharing that day. Having now had a chance to look back at the season as a whole, we have put together a few statistics to show just how awesome this season was. Denver B-cycle grew tremendously in number of riders and number of trips taken while remaining similar in footprint during its second season. We had a total of 202,731 rides this season which is almost double last year's 102,981 rides.

"We are thrilled that more people are riding more often. We achieved a 29.6% increase in the number of riders and 96.9% increase in the number of rides all with basically the same system as last year," says Ken Gart, Chair of the Denver Biking Sharing Board.

Our 2011 results demonstrate that Denver B-cycle continues to improve the well being of our local environment, our local economy, and our local population. We could not have seen such a tremendous increase in use and associated benefits without continued support from City leadership, our community partners, funders, sponsors, volunteers and last but not least, our riders!  


User & Ridership data:

Short-term Memberships (24-hour kiosk, 24-hour online, 7-day, 30-day) Purchased: 42,318

Annual Memberships Purchased: 2,659

B-cycle Rides: 202,731 rides

Miles Ridden: 431,817 miles

Health benefits included:

12,954,510.9 calories burned

3,701.3 lbs. lost

Environmental and economic benefits*:

618,041 lbs. of carbon emissions avoided

19,034.5 lbs. of toxic air pollutants avoided

31,420.5 gallons of gasoline not used

$104,316 est. saved on gasoline

$612,491 est. saved on car parking


* Information based on a 2010 survey of our members stating 43.16% of Denver B-cycle trips replaced car trips.

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